1. Supporting our First Responders

An elected official’s priority needs to be the safety and security of the community in which they serve.

Dan has supported first responders by voting to provide our Police and Fire departments with the resources they need to keep Bedford safe.

For close to 20 years the city of Bedford had not funded additional Firefighters or Police Officers despite growth in population and call volumes. During Dan’s first term he voted to add additional firefighters and police officers to both departments.

In the summer of 2020, Dan successfully advocated for updates to our Police Department’s Policies and Procedures which were over 15 years old to make sure our department was keeping up to date with national standards and best practices.

2. No more New Apartments OR Storage Facilities

With less than 2% of available land left for development our city needs to be strategic in finding the right projects that will generate sales tax revenue. More than 30 apartment complexes and various storage facilities are scattered throughout Bedford. The last thing our city needs is either of these two developments.

Dan fought against all new apartment developments and voted for the citizen lead ordinance to limit a developer’s ability to build new apartments in Bedford.

Dan voted against all new storage facility proposals.

3. Phase Next – Generations Park at Boys Ranch

Before joining the city council, Dan voted against the $70-Million Phase Next bond proposal for park improvements as private citizen due to the lack of planning and increase in property taxes.

After joining the city council: Dan advocated for the members of the senior center and pushed a plan to relocate programs and activities to the Old Bedford School so that our seniors would still have a place to call home during construction at the Boy’s Ranch.

Dan voted against the rebranding of Boys Ranch to Generations park and fought to preserve the park’s history and keep “Boys Ranch” in the official name. (Council Meetings on June 02, 2020; July 14, 2020)

4. Volunteering in the Community

Dan is a graduate of Bedford’s citizen fire academy and is a member of the Bedford Fire Department’s volunteer Rehab team which assists our firefighters in the field.

In addition to assisting our first responders Dan also serves as the city council liaison to Bedford Library Board and represents members of our senior community.

5. Economic Development

In an effort to invest in our aging infrastructure and provide property tax relief to residents we need to generate more revenue through sales tax. We can no longer settle for budget hotels, storage facilities and apartments. Instead, it is time to focus on businesses that generate sales tax for the city to lift some of the burden away from property owners.

Dan voted to secure Bedford’s financial future by approving the city’s first Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) to kickstart the Bedford Commons project which is estimated to generate over $59 Million of revenue in sales and property taxes over the next 30 years.

Dan also voted to approve a new Chick-fil-a restaurant that will undoubtedly add more revenue for the city and will re-develop an aging property on a main thoroughfare.


Dan supported the liquor petition and expanding liquor sales in Bedford while also limiting their presence to our highway corridor to avoid having liquor stores in our neighborhoods.