Supporting Police & Fire

Providing a safe and secure community for residents is the biggest responsibility an elected official has. This responsibility has taken a new meaning for Dan after becoming a father and he will continue to make sure our Police and Fire departments have the resources they need to keep our families safe.

Our public safety employees risk their lives each day for the residents of Bedford which is why Dan will continue to support funding the public safety step plan for employees and find ways to increase benefits and salaries for those who keep our city safe.

Lowering Taxes

It should be every elected official’s goal to reduce taxes on citizens by finding and eliminating government waste and promoting efficiency.

In addition to promoting efficiency, Bedford must continue to pay down its municipal debt and expand revenue through sales tax.

We must be methodical and purposeful in our efforts to reduce property taxes and realize that it may not happen overnight but with the right plan in place we can provide property tax relief to our residents.

Balanced Budget

When it comes to adopting a new budget we need to treat our city like a business.

We can no longer just go from one year to the next without planning ahead.

In order to lower taxes we must pay down our municipal debt and budget strategically looking five to ten years into the future.

Repairing and Maintaining Roads and Infrastructure

The condition of our roads and buildings reflects the condition of our city. If we are going to attract new businesses to Bedford we need to take pride in our city and present ourselves in a way that excites entrepreneurs and developers.


To fund capital improvement projects and infrastructure we must start budgeting more strategically by anticipating our needs and setting funds aside accordingly, something that was never done for years.

Working hard for Residents

Dan’s top priority is to be responsive to the residents of Bedford and assist them with resolving code compliance issues, answering questions and providing information on the city policies and council decisions.


Giving Citizens a Voice

When first campaigning in 2018, Dan knocked on over 3,000 doors to introduce himself to residents and hear their concerns. Since then, he has held several residential outreach events and sent out newsletters to keep residents informed of council decisions. Sign Up here to be added to the newsletters.         

Revitalizing our City

If Bedford hopes to attract developers and entrepreneurs to our city we must take pride in our neighborhoods and our streets. We cannot let our roads and infrastructure fall into disrepair or let neighborhoods lose home values due to code violations. It’s time to enforce our existing codes and ordinances and develop a plan to routinely repair roads and infrastructure to keep Bedford beautiful.


Making Bedford a Destination        

No one can argue that Bedford has a great location here in the DFW. We are in the center of the metroplex and have unfortunately not leveraged our location to market our city. Dan’s vision is to see Bedford become a destination for new businesses and young families by completing the Bedford Commons project and finding our identity as being the center for arts and entertainment in our area.

Vote May 01, 2021